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                Gas utilities tap into new market growth

                90% increase in customer satisfaction scores
                With Cognizant’s assistance, major utilities have developed highly regarded mobile apps enabling customers to pay bills, make service requests and become better engaged.

                Gas utilities face an array of challenges amid a rapidly evolving information-driven environment.

                Chief among them are volatile gas prices, an aging workforce and the operational challenges in upgrading complex underground distribution networks.
                Cognizant’s latest digital solutions address these issues and find new opportunities for growth. We do so by enhancing the customer experience, improving reliability, optimizing asset investments and leveraging our industry expertise.

                PROOF POINTS
                Digital is transforming the way gas utilities operate. We help you leverage the technology to manage costs, add services and ensure compliance.

                Like at this U.S. public utility, where we worked together to modernize manual processes, enforce regulatory compliance and block cyberthreats all at the same time.

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                Consolidate applications, improve the customer experience.

                Find out how this major electricity and natural gas supplier reduced legacy applications by 50%, satisfied customers with consolidated billing statements and is on course to save $23 million in annual costs.

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                YOUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS
                Unlocking Digital Value
                How do we make such a profound
                to our clients?

                Cognizant engagements place equal emphasis on the three keys to digital success: Customer Experience, Business Process and Tech Infrastructure.

                START THE EXPERIENCE

                It all starts with your customers.


                It all starts with your customers.

                Unlocking real digital value and improving outcomes for your business means we must address their needs as well as the needs of your employees.

                How do we do it?


                By helping you build a Digital Business

                Go beyond supporting business and advance it with smarter products, exceptional customer experiences and more efficient operations primed for transformative growth.

                Learn More

                A Digital Business with Digital Operations

                Reimagine and create new digital processes that drive performance, deliver more humanized transactions and leverage automation, AI and scalable platforms.

                Learn More

                A Digital Business with Digital Operations powered by Digital Systems & Technology

                Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone with integrated services and digital solutions that unlock value at scale and speed.

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                Customized Business Solutions

                We help our clients accelerate their Digital Business transformations as they move beyond a focus on cost efficiencies to driving top-line revenue growth.

                Packaged Industry Solutions

                To deliver immediate impact to the business, we offer proven solutions designed to tackle challenges your industry faces—generating cash flow you need to fund more complex initiatives.

                Create value. Everywhere.

                Operate in silos, without data and insights flowing out of the three areas above, and your initiatives will fail. Only by building a fused, holistic organization can you respond to customer needs and drive new growth.

                01 Digital Business

                Go beyond supporting business and advance it.

                Learn More

                02 Digital Operations

                Reimagine and create new digital processes.

                Learn More

                03 Digital Systems & Technology

                Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone.

                Learn More

                Targeted solutions

                Smart packaged solutions that help gas utilities transform for the digital age.

                UtilityOne Engage

                An innovative, lightweight mobility app featuring account management, bill details, alerts and notifications and more.

                UtilityOne Insights

                An integrated customer management solution that delivers a holistic, omnichannel experience to our utility customers.

                In our 2018 Smarter Utilities Survey and Report, we asked 100 executives about industry disruption and how prepared they are for the transformation journey ahead. Making better use of digital technologies like AI, machine learning and analytics is on the agenda. But is that enough?

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                Additional capabilities



                  With the business and infrastructure environment growing in complexity, there is pressure on aging assets to deliver gas. Because assuring data integrity across locations is paramount in gas pipeline operations, Cognizant solutions addressing gas pipeline integrity and leak detection are focused as follows:

                  • Applications Services—Schedule generator, pipeline data management
                  • Analytics and advanced visualization for corrosion monitoring, failure prediction, leak detection and pipeline inline inspections
                  • Incident management and reporting
                  • Remote pipeline monitoring and surveillance
                  • Regulatory Compliance—Reports for various regulatory compliance and other safety related audit requirements


                  The gas utility industry is highly asset-intensive and faces major challenge in maintaining its aging critical infrastructures.

                  Cognizant’s Enterprise Asset Management solutions for utilities provide complete implementation and systems integration services. Our offerings include systems for planning and scheduling, mobility and asset life cycle management that help gas utilities drive down maintenance costs and better utilize assets.

                  We offer proprietary solutions and accelerators designed for quick and rapid ROI. Among them are APEx—Asset Performance Excellence for utility network assets, uProtect, our IBM Maximo upgrade kit and many more to help utilities accelerate and transform their enterprise asset management program.



                  Effective monitoring and control of critical infrastructure is essential to ensure reliability, integrity, safety and cost effectiveness in gas transportation and distribution operations. Cognizant solutions include:

                  • Integrated Asset Analytics Dashboard—IT/OT integration enabling collation of real time data and associated analytics provides deep insight into current operations and enables swift decision-making
                  • Operational Benchmarking—Benchmark your operations with best-in-class operations to assess the current maturity level of your operation and create recommendations for moving toward best-in-class KPIs
                  • Workflow Optimization—Shrink lead times and human onboarding by standardizing workflows and operational data across all facilities?
                  • ERP Implementation—Speciated ERP solutions custom designed for gas management operations.


                  Customer Experience Management (CXM) plays a vital role in effectively engaging customers in participating in demand response programs such as, those involving energy conservation measures. These can help customer better understand their energy needs and consumption. Effective programs provide an enhanced user experience and value-added services for gas utilities.

                  Cognizant offers many unique and proprietary solutions in this area such as UtilityOne Engage and UtilityOne Insights. We have a strong track record of rolling out products and services across channels, delivering analytical solutions such as Single Call Resolution (SCR) and omnichannel integration strategies. Above all, we help our customers deliver award-winning customer experiences.



                  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) acts as an integrating technology that can help gas utilities achieve a single view of their asset information and perform efficient operation and maintenance. The result: greater customer satisfaction.?

                  Cognizant offers wide range of solutions and services in the GIS space across desktop, web and mobile platforms. We specialize in various aspects of the GIS lifecycle, including:

                  • GIS data services
                  • GIS application development and maintenance services
                  • Geospatial analytics
                  • GIS consultancy services
                  • Spatial product development services

                  Gas utilities can leverage our solutions and frameworks such as the WebGIS Framework for Single View, our GIS Data Migration Framework and our Online/Offline Mobile GIS solution for accelerating digital.



                  Reconciling different consumer categories with different tariff structures leads to complex billing logistics, from scheduling to generation. Similarly, today’s changing regulatory policies require a robust and flexible customer information system and billing operations.

                  Cognizant helps electric utilities improve billing cycle time, reduce exceptions and improve accuracy. We also help achieve greater flexibility by providing customers with new self-service options and support the smooth rollout of smart metering and new products and services. Our areas of expertise include:

                  • Customer account management
                  • Billing and invoicing
                  • Credit and payment
                  • Service order management
                  • Products and services

                  We offer a portfolio of accelerators including prebuilt templates for SAP IS-U and Oracle CCnB. Data migration accelerators are also available from legacy platforms (Banner and Customer/1) to modern platforms such as SAP IS-U and Oracle CCnB.


                Featured work

                A Major Energy Supplier to Europe and Asia
                A Major Energy Supplier to Europe and Asia

                secured new business and retained existing customers by deploying a compelling self-service customer platform.

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                A Leading UK Energy Utility
                A Leading UK Energy Utility

                digitally transformed its operations and slashed delivery times for IT resources, reduced costs and enhanced customer service.

                LEARN MORE

                How digital is re-imagining CX in energy retail

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                By focusing on agility that is powered by advanced digital technologies, utility operators can introduce new lines of businesses and services more quickly, easily responding to consumer demand.

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                Market Leader, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing and Logistics

                Rajaram Radhakrishnan

                PRESS ROOM

                In the news

                November 5, 2018

                Orica Selects Cognizant to Cloud-Enable IT Infrastructure for a Globally Connected Enterprise

                May 17, 2018

                Cognizant Recognized as Market Leader in Internet of Things Services by Research and Advisory Firm ISG

                August 18, 2017

                HfS Research Names Cognizant in “As-a-Service Winner’s Circle for Energy Operations


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                Rajaram Radhakrishnan

                Market Leader, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing and Logistics

                Rajaram Radhakrishnan, Market Leader, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing and Logistics
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